Board of Directors & Staff

Are you interested in getting involved at the CTL? Our staff & board of directors would love to talk to you!

Jim Carpenter

Jim Carpenter, Marketing Chair

 Peter DePasquale

Peter DePasquale, Founder, Emeritus Member

Jack Felix

Jack Felix, Founder, Play Reading, Exec.

Marie Fox

Marie Fox, Play Reading, CAST Advisory

Chris Frantz

Chris Frantz, HR Chair, Exec.

Marisa Hickey

Marisa Sorrentino Hickey, CAST Advisory

BJ Kropp

BJ Kropp, Corresponding Secretary, House Manager, Costumes

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Brenda Nichols

Andree Phillips

Andrée Phillips, Founder, President, Exec.

Martena Rogers

Martena Rogers, Play Reading, Radio-Active Players

Pat Scheib

Pat Scheib

Keith Wagner

Keith Wagner, Play Production

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson, Recording Secretary, Play Reading

Seth Sponhouse

Seth Sponhouse, Educational Coordinator

Philip Vonada

Philip J Vonada, Office Administrator

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Jessica G. Williamson, Business Manager