Board of Directors & Staff

Are you interested in getting involved at the CTL? Our staff & board of directors would love to talk to you!

Cheryl Appleton

Cheryl Appleton, Props

Jim Carpenter

Jim Carpenter, Marketing Chair

 Peter DePasquale

Peter DePasquale, Fundraising, Exec.

Jack Felix

Jack Felix, Play Reading, Exec.

Chris Frantz

Chris Frantz, HR Chair, Exec.

Scott Knyrim

Scott Knyrim, Sets / Props

BJ Kropp

BJ Kropp, Corres. Secy, House Manager, Costumes


Becky Marshall

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Brenda Nichols, Treasurer, Exec.

Andree Phillips

Andree Phillips, President, Exec.

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Joe Radley, Historian, Fundraising

Pat Scheib

Pat Scheib

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Jacqueline Engel, Artistic Director

Seth Sponhouse

Seth Sponhouse, Educational Coordinator

Ed Richards

Ed Richards, Tech. Director

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Jessica G. Williamson, Business Manager