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Theatre for Young Audiences Auditions: "James and the Giant Peach"

James & the Giant Peach

Join us as we head into the magical world of Roald Dahl's JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH
Directed by Lindsey Eischeid and Music Directed by Mo Ortbal!
Performances dates are: January 11-13

AUDITION DATES: November 11 & 12 at 7:00pm

What to prepare: Please prepare two contrasting 16-bar cuts of music. Songs should be in the style of the composing team (Pasek & Paul) and best display your vocal range and ability. 

Sides for cold readings will be provided at auditions. Sides for call backs will also be provided at auditions.

JAMES (age 11 - 15)
Hero of the story, who lacks confidence. After losing his parents in a freak accident he feels like he doesn’t belong. He eventually learns to become resourceful and innovative. He’s a good friend. *If there is not a young male for this role, could be cast as a petite female, playing a pants role.

LADAHLORD (age 18 and up)
A mysterious character who seems to have control over the magical things that are happening. Carefully watches over James to insure he lives a better life. Acts as a story-teller throughout the show. This character needs to be able to also dance well. *Could be cast as male or female role.

SPIKER (age 18 and up)
One of James’ mean aunts that take him in, only to use him as a servant. She is shrewd and opportunistic, and the more evil of the two. Very tall and thin. Spiker & Sponge also are comedic despite their evil ways and hopefully contrast in physical appearance. *This is a female role.

SPONGE (age 18 and up)
James’ other mean aunt that takes him in, only to use him as a servant. She follows whatever Spiker says, but is more concerned with eating, or finding food. Spiker & Sponge also are comedic despite their evil ways and hopefully contrast in physical appearance. *This is a female role.

EARTHWORM (Bobby Cop/Bitzi Botana) (age 18 and up)
A gentle spirit, but also a little bit of a neurotic coward who worries about everything. Eventually has enough courage to be brave. *This could be cast as a male or female role.

CENTIPEDE (Buzz/Hollywood Agent) (age 18 and up)
Grumpy, prickly, and rude. Hates humans because Spiker & Sponge fumigated his family. *This is a male role.

LADYBUG (Matron Nurse/Reporter) (age 18 and up)
Is the one to immediately accept James, and takes on a motherly role for him. She is respectable and classy. She is interested in GRASSHOPPER. As Matron Nurse, she seems tired and as though she has never had a break. *This is a female role.

GREEN GRASSHOPPER (Man with Wallet/Garden Guild) (age 18 and up)
The leader of all the insects, has a warm, welcoming presence and is always optimistic. Acts as a father-figure to James. Is interested in LADYBUG. *This is a male role.

SPIDER (Woman with Purse/Reporter 1) (age 18 and up)
Clever, almost mischievous creature who has a spunky personality. Her husband was killed and eaten by Spiker & Sponge. She is warm and friendly to James. *This is a female role.

Ensemble: SATB makes us various smaller featured roles. (age 18 and up)


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