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Audition Announcement: Elf, Jr.

Elf Jr The Musical

Elf, Jr.​ Auditions to be Held October 8 & 9 at 7pm

Community Theatre League: 100 West Third Street, Williamsport, PA  17701


Open call for auditions for ​Elf, Jr.! Auditioning for ​ALL ROLES​. No prior experience necessary!
Open to kids aged 8-16 as of the time of auditions

​Directed by:​ Brandy & Steve Aguirre

SproutsSprouts theatre for children is theatre BY kids FOR kids!  




Buddy: Male, the perfect elf! Good-natured, means well, and happy all the time! Except... he's a human.
​Jovie:​ Works at Macy's - not quite into the Christmas spirit. Buddy adores her.
Santa Claus:​ Male, a lot on his plate during the Christmas season... Trying hard to keep his holiday spirit.
​Charlie:​ In charge of monitoring the elves. Has authority, but is always friendly.
​Shawanda:​ A dependable and caring elf; will do whatever she can to help out others.
​Walter Hobbs:​ ​Buddy's real father, focused on his job, not his family. Stern and lacking the Christmas spirit.
Sam​:​ Works for Walter, and is in a bit of trouble...
​Deb:​ Walter's secretary - needs to keep Walter and the staff happy. Pleasant and efficient.
​Emily Hobbs:​ Walter's wife - a problem solver and excellent mother, trying to keep her family together.
​Michael Hobbs:​ Walter & Emily's son, a smarter-than-average 12-year-old. Wants Buddy to be a permanent family member.
​Security Guards:​ A stern duo in Walter's office.
​Saleswoman:​ Works at Macy's, too friendly and trying to sell something.
​Manager:​ Manager of Macy's, doing everything he can to keep everyone in line.
​Santa's Helper​:​ A Macy's employee, announces kids getting to visit Santa.
​Fake Santa:​ A sad replacement for the real Santa - a rough-around-the-edges Macy's employee.
​Police:​ A friendly pair who return Buddy to the Hobbs household.
​Sarah:​ A staff member in Walter's office.
​Mr. Greenway:​ A very cranky businessman; the big boss.
​Chadwick & Matthews:​ A bumbling duo doing everything they can to save the day and make their boss (Walter) happy.
​Charlotte Dennon​: ​A TV reporter with a big personality. Tries to stay professional and doesn't like being shown up.
​Darlene Lambert & Emma Van Brocklin:​ Young ladies in Central Park, convinced of Santa's magic.

​Ensemble:​ Elves, New Yorkers, Office Staff, Flyer Guys, Macy's Employees, Carolers, Passerbys, Shoppers, Soloists, and more!


Please prepare 1 verse and the chorus of your favorite Christmas song! You may bring sheet music or sing a cappella (without music) - whatever works best for you!
You will also be asked to do readings for various characters. If you'd like to look at them ahead of time, they can be found at under the "Audition Central" side tab.


Rehearsals slated to begin in late October. Performances run December 8-10 and 15-17.

Copies of the script can be read in advance at CTL.

Questions? Please email us!


Audition Announcement: Over the Tavern

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Over the Tavern​ Auditions to be Held October 29 & 30 at 7pm

Community Theatre League: 100 West Third Street, Williamsport, PA  17701


Open call for auditions for Over the Tavern by Tom Dudzick. Auditioning for ​ALL ROLES​. No prior experience necessary!

​Directed by:​ Sandie Fairman
Rehearsals slated to begin in November. Performances run January 19 & 20, and 25-28.


Character Breakdowns

Director Sandie Fairman will be looking for actors who can play the ages of their characters, but the actors certainly do not have to be those exact ages.

RUDY PAZINSKI:  12 years old. Full of fun. His world revolves around Mad Magazine and TV comedians. Does a great Ed Sullivan impression. His curious mind gets him in trouble with the Nuns at school when he innocently questions the rules of Catholicism.

GEORGIE PAZINSKI:  13 years old. Mentally “challenged” – what we used to call “retarded.” His mental age is that of a 3-year-old. Consistently good natured, he communicates with gestures, grunts and an occasional real word.

EDDIE PAZINSKI:  15 years old. Typical swaggering teenage boy. Loves his family but wouldn’t be caught dead admitting it.  Hides his sweet nature under a tough guy demeanor.

ANNIE PAZINSKI:  16 years old. Insecure. Frets a lot. Everything’s a crisis. Battling a weight problem; sneaks Hostess Twinkies into her room.

CHET PAZINSKI: The Dad. Late 40s. Former baseball player who never made it to the majors. Owns a neighborhood bar. A loving guy but let’s life’s adversities get him down. Handles his workday frustrations by yelling at his kids.

ELLEN PAZINSKI:  The Mom. Mid-40s.  With great humor, energy, patience and love, she holds her family together. Though at times tired and weary, she can still summon the zest to dance a late night polka in the kitchen with her husband. And she’s feisty enough to snap a nun’s ruler in two when her kid is being threatened.

SISTER CLARISSA: 60-ish. A strict and stern nun from the old school. Reveals her true love for children in the play’s critical moment.


Copies of the script can be read in advance at CTL or on

Audition sides may be available prior to auditions.

Questions? Please email us!