Become a Member of CTL

Participation is membership in the Community Theatre League Fill out the volunteer form and someone will contact you shortly.

As part of the CTL family, what would I gain?

Many new and renewed friendships!  By contributing your skills, talents and your very valuable time to your Community Theatre, you will come to know a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. “The show must go on” and it does because of the important part that you play in the production.  Like a very large family, we work together to develop your unique talents and to help you discover new ones.

Who can be a member of CTL?

Retirees, working adults, college students, teens; in fact, entire families are all a part of our family. CTL welcomes any responsible person with a few hours to give and an interest in bringing theatre to life. We try to accommodate your schedule, day and evening, weekday and weekend.

How can I join?

Call 570-327-1720 or email us at

Fill out the volunteer form to get started!

What can you do at CTL?

People serve in every capacity at the Community Theatre League because we are a volunteer-based organization. Including the obvious actors and directors, there are many other jobs to be done to make each production successful.

Examples include: