Audition Details: Funny Business

Character descriptions:  No British accent required.

FERRIS (Hotel “Manager) – age range Late 20s-60s.  Role will require movement (running up and down stairs, jumping, etc.)

HENRY: a nervous visitor who is up to no good. Age Range 35 – 45.  Character will need to appear in underwear on stage.

ANGELA: an attractive business lady with a mind of her own. Age Range 35 – 45. 

JUDY: an awkward woman, a stranger to romantic intrigue. Age Range 35 – 45. 

MR. JOHNSON: an elderly man in search of peace and quiet (and a lady or two). Age Range 55+. 

EDGAR: a pompous builder with a secret of two. Age Range 35 – 45. 

SHOW SYNOPSIS: Funny Business by Derek Benfield: When Ferris agrees to look after his sister’s seedy hotel; again, during her temporary absence in Benidorm, he does not anticipate the arrival of a notorious journalist who writes a critical column about hotels in a Sunday newspaper. Or that this arrival will coincide with a visit to the hotel of an assortment of guests who have guilty secrets they do not wish to have divulged. As a result, Ferris is caught up in a dizzy round of lies and subterfuge as he tries to protect the hotel’s reputation in the eyes of the visiting journalist; a task made more difficult by the fact that he does not know which of his guest is the journalist!