December 05, 2018

December 2018 - Executive Director's Note

The Holidays are upon us!

December 2018 - Executive Director's Note

The holidays are upon us at CTL! With the whirlwind of the Holiday spirit comes the fast-paced excitement of reconnecting with family members, shopping for and sharing perfectly purchased presents, and spending time with friends from all over the world. Here at the theatre we have been swept up in the fantastic story of Ralphie Parker and his quest for the perfect gift, a Red Ryder BB Gun. The classic tale has come to the CTL Mainstage with everything you would expect, the leg lamp, the flat tire, the flagpole and even the Bumpus hound dogs. A Christmas Story: The Musical, running the next two weekends, is larger than life and the cast is made up of all-stars of not only CTL regulars but also some fresh new faces to the CTL Mainstage. We love when our family grows, and we could not be more excited to welcome all these talented new actors to our ranks.   


The Holiday season is also a time for great reflection and sharing moments of gratitude from the past year.  2018 has held a lot to reflect on for the CTL family. This past year we saw major shifts caused by a strategic plan that was introduced by the CTL Board of Directors we saw not only personnel changes but also a shift in the atmosphere within the four walls of the building. We also saw you, our patrons, stepping up, purchasing more season tickets and flex passes than ever, as well as contributing and donating in numbers that continue to impress and astound all of us! We saw an increase in the number of productions produced, students involved in classes and vocal lessons, actors auditioning for shows, and volunteers joining our house staffs. All of which continue to leave the staff speechless as we watch this organization continue to grow. 

But as we continue to grow, we promise to always keep this in mind: change for change sake is not a good thing. However, positive change, implemented with a plan and an overarching vision for the future, can be beneficial for the overall strength of the organization. With each day the staff at CTL is striving to do what is best for the organization. I speak for all of us, the day to day staff, the volunteer production staffs, the actors and the teaching staffs when I say that we feel the responsibility of upholding a 42-year-old legacy and continue to make every interaction with CTL a positive and pleasant experience. Whether your student is attending an after-school class, or you are attending a show with your significant other, or you are coming to one of our concerts; our goal is to make sure you are getting unparalleled customer service that leaves you beyond happy with our product.  

So here is to the next year. A year filled with exciting opportunities for all. This coming year will undoubtably bring some more changes for us all. But, 2019 will also be a year that will bring all of the usual CTL productions, classes, concerts, camps, and events that you have come to love over the years. However, one thing is for certain, all of us here at CTL cannot wait to see you at the theatre!


So happy holidays from all of us at the theatre and here is to 2019! 

Seth Sponhouse

CTL's Executive Director