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The Community Theatre League is holding open auditions for the SUMMER YOUTH INTENSIVE production of


BRING IT ON: The Musical

MUSIC BY Tom Kitt, Lin-Manuel Miranda
LYRICS BY Amanda Green, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Inspired by the motion picture, Bring It On, released by Universal Pictures and written by Jessica Bendingere

Directed by Seth Sponhouse
Music Directed by Theodore Lentz
Stunt Coordinator Jenn Mowrey


Video Auditions due by May 11 at 10:00pm

Send submissions to: [email protected]

Performances: July 16, 17 and 18 at 7:30pm; July 18 and 19 at 2:00pm

About the Show:
Campbell is cheer-royalty at Truman High School and her senior year should prove the most cheertastic — she's been named captain of the squad! But, an unexpected redistricting has forced her to spend her final year of high school at the neighboring hard-knock Jackson High School. Despite having the deck stacked against her, Campbell befriends the dance crew girls and, along with their headstrong and hardworking leader, Danielle, manages to form a powerhouse squad for the ultimate competition — the National Championships.

Who Can Audition:
Auditions are open to any student who has completed 9th grade through completed senior year of college, and no older than 22at the time of production.

What to submit:
- 32 bars (1 minute) of a song from the show.
- One of the monologues found below

Prepare one monologue for your audition. The monologue you choose does not affect how you will be cast in the show. We are listening to voice, acting, interpretation, and delivery.


All auditionees MUST complete this Audition Form!

Character Descriptions

A senior head cheerleader whose world gets turned upside-down when she transfers schools. She is constantly working towards the goal of a championship and her "one perfect moment". After using her friends to exact revenge, she realizes that friendship is much more lasting than a trophy.
Range: G3-F5

The head of the Jackson dance crew. She has fought her way from nothing to make a name for herself, which leads her to not put a lot of stock into people like Campbell. But she has a tendency to bring down her walls and embrace a true friendship.
Range: F#3-F5

One of the Jackson dance crew. Not the sharpest person on the squad, but is loud enough to make up for it.
Range: F3-Fb5

Jackson's school DJ, mellow and friendly. A true Cinderella story, working his way from a dorky freshman to a smooth senior. He becomes attracted to Campbell for her heart, bravery, and determination.
Range: C#3-A4

La Cienega
A transgender woman. Any ethnicity. Her gender is simply not an issue, accepted by her friends, barely referred to. BFFs with Nautica and Danielle. Has a wicked tongue but a generous spirit.
Range: D3-E5

The only male cheerleader on the Buccaneers and Campbell's boyfriend. Tender and comforting, but not the most adept to his surroundings.
Range: D3-Bb4

One of the Buccaneers cheerleaders. An extremely loyal follower of Skylar who keeps her intelligence hidden under a bushel.
Range: G3-D5

Campbell's neighbor and the newest member of the Buccaneers cheerleaders. Her initial impression is one of naiveté and meekness. But she proves to be a social climber who schemes to take over Campbell's life at any cost.
Range: A3-Eb5

One of the Jackson students and a hip-hop artist. His hormones make him lust after Bridget.
Range: Eb3-A4

The mascot for the Buccaneers. Nerdy and out of shape, but she strives for a place on the cheerleading team. Despite being an outcast, she has a good heart and a great spirit.
Range: A3-F5

One of the senior Buccaneers cheerleaders. Her popularity has given her quite the mean streak, though she does not have the brains to make up for it.
Range: G3-Gb5

One of the Jackson students, a hip-hop artist. A combination class clown and attempted ladies' man, but he strives for fame and fortune.
Range: Db3-G4

Announcer; Truman Squad; Goths; Jackson Students; Singer

is presented by special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).

All roles, unless otherwise announced, are open. CTL encourages anyone who is interested to audition and is always eager to welcome new faces and fresh talent to its stage. Except as specifically required by the author for certain roles, The Community Theatre League has a non-discrimination casting policy, open to members of all races, sexes, creeds, orientations, and abilities. We encourage members of diverse backgrounds and abilities to audition for our productions.

Dates for 2019-2020 Auditions!

 All auditions will be held at 7pm, unless otherwise advertised. Information on what to prepare will be put out 2-3 weeks in advance of auditions.

Bring it On - Submissions due by May 11