Williamsport Community Theatre League
Broadway Quality Plays, Musicals & Concerts in Central PA

The Hunchback of Notre Dame September 22-23, 28-30 at 7:30 PM
October 1 at 2:00 PM

A familiar story comes to life on the CTL stage! Quasimodo, the deformed captive bell-ringer of Notre Dame, seeks a life beyond the cathedral and his captor, Archdeacon Frollo. During the Feast of Fools, Quasimodo is befriended by Esmeralda, a gypsy girl, who helps him escape a frenzied crowd. As Frollo declares war on the gypsies, the hunchback soon finds himself in a struggle for freedom, acceptance, and love. Will Quasimodo be a hero, or will he fall victim to the horrors that lie within the cathedral? 

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? October 13-14 at 7:30 PM
October 15 at 2:00 PM

After a faculty party, George and Martha invite Nick and Honey to their home for an evening of games. What awaits their late-night guests is not a welcoming nightcap, but tempestuous verbal sparring fueled by alcohol and 20 years of marital dysfunction. Filled with acerbic wit, Albee’s play is both wildly funny and heart-wrenching, exposing the fears and secrets of both couples as the lines between reality and illusion blur. Can the two couples survive when their worlds come to a crashing halt?

Barbershop! October 20 at 7:30 PM

For more than a decade, the West Branch and Heart of Pennsylvania Choruses have been holding their annual fall concert at CTL! Enjoy a night full of tight barbershop harmonies, humor, and a bit of nostalgia. Quartets from both choruses will also be featured.

Rumors November 10-11, 16-18 at 7:30 PM
November 19 at 2:00 PM
At a large, tastefully appointed townhouse, the Deputy Mayor of New York has just shot himself. Though only a flesh wound, four couples are about to experience a severe attack of farce. At a party for their 10th wedding anniversary, the host lies bleeding in the other room and his wife is nowhere in sight. His lawyer and his wife must get the “story” straight before the other guests arrive. As the confusions and mis-communications mount, the evening spins off into classic farcical hilarity.
Proof December 1-2 at 7:30 PM
December 3 at 2:00 PM
Catherine has spent years caring for her brilliant but unstable father, a renowned mathematician and professor. Now, following his death and on the eve of her 25th birthday, she must deal with her own volatile emotions; the arrival of her estranged sister, Claire; and the attentions of Hal, a former student of her father, who hopes to find valuable work in the hundreds of notebooks that her father left behind. Over the long weekend that follows, a burgeoning romance and the discovery of a mysterious notebook draw Catherine into the most difficult problem of all: How much of her father's madness—or genius—will she inherit?