Williamsport Community Theatre League
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A Nice Family Gathering December 9-10 at 7:30 PM
December 11 at 2:00 PM

A story about a man who loved his wife so much, he almost told her!
It’s Thanksgiving Day and the first family gathering at the Lundeen household since the patriarch died. At the gathering, Dad comes back as a ghost with a mission; to tell his wife he loved her, something he neglected to tell her while he was alive. After all, they were only married for 41 years. The problem is, she can’t hear or see him, only his middle child is able to hear his remarks--candid, surly, and smart-alecky as they may be. The trouble begins when Mom invites a date for dinner. Dad can barely contain his comments and the results are hilarious.
$18 Adults / $10 Students / Season / Flex

December 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11
Pay-What-You-Can December 1

Williamsport City Jazz Orchestra Holiday Jazz December 16-17 at 7:30 PM

One of our most anticipated concerts all season is Holiday Jazz with the WCJO.  Williamsport is lucky to have such an amazing group right here in town.  Some of the best musicians in the area play a mix of holiday classics, Christmas standards, and their own jazz renditions of popular tunes.  Sponsored by Andrée Phillips and Caryn & Skip Powers.    $15 Adults / $10 Students / Flex

Dave Sorgen Kate Anderson, Adam Wright, David Bailey, Eddie Severn, Mike Damiani, Diana Bailey, Bob Leidhecker, Bill Ciabattari, Dale Orris, Steve Adams, Mark Lusk, Dick Adams, Matt Radspinner, Becky Ciabattari, Tim Breon & Thomas Outlen.

Festival of Student One-Acts January 5-7 at 7:30 PM

CTL is excited to offer high school students the opportunity to be fully in charge of a production.  In the case of the Student One-Act Festival, high school students direct, design, and act in two one-act plays. All Seats $10 / Flex.  

"Love (Awkwardly)" is directed by Montoursville HS's Mitchell Young. 

Eddie is hopelessly in love with his best friend, Wendy, who, unaware of his interest, is infatuated with another guy. Luke and Roxanne have the perfect relationship – they communicate, give each other space, are never jealous. But Roxanne is about to graduate and go to Fordham, leaving Luke, a junior, behind – the one subject they avoid. Randy and Charlotte’s relationship is tempestuously opposite – jealousy, mistrust, poor communication. And on the side, Randy is seeing Laura, Charlotte’s best friend. Last year, Laura broke up with George, Randy’s close friend. George hasn’t ever really recovered and still hopes desperately that she will come back to him. In its own comic fashion, Love (Awkwardly) follows these eight juniors and seniors through wonderful, painful, exhilarating moments and emotions that are adult in magnitude but cramped by the confines of high school.

Josh Adams of Liberty is directing "Harry's Hotter Than Twilight." 

In this crazed mash-up parody of the Harry Potter and Twilight series--with cameos crashing in from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland and many other places--you'll encounter deli-owning vegetarians, invisible rabbits, magical carrot weapons, random lunatics, soothing offstage voices, evil gourmets and much more, as everyone's favorite wizards, vampires and werewolves battle to save miserable, gloomy Spork--and indeed the world--from certain destruction.

The Elves and the Shoemaker January 20-21 at 7:30 PM
January 22 at 2:00 PM

Lockhart Cobblestone, the shoemaker, has a kind heart but little money in his pocket.  Moved by the plight of an old beggar woman, he gives her his last pair of shoes and now has leather enough to make only one more pair of shoes.  He sets it out to work on the next morning and the fun begins!  Out pop five weird, endearing little elves:  Mortz, Schwartz, Hazel, Gracie, and Studebaker, who whip up the most fantastic and magical shoes the town of Clankbottom has ever seen.  Here’s an upbeat, fast-paced retelling of an old favorite which conveys a gentle message about the nature of kindness. All Seats $10 / 4 for $32 / Flex


Disney's Aladdin Jr--The Penguin Project January 27-28 at 7:30 PM
January 29 at 2:00 PM

In conjunction with The Penguin Project, CAST will present a unique presentation of Disney’s "Aladdin Jr," which gives youngsters with special needs the opportunity to perform a show with fellow student mentors to guide them through the process. This highly successful program has been duplicated throughout the U.S. and CAST is only the second group in PA to join the project. It’s a truly inspiring program and their performance will make you laugh, cry, and witness true triumph of the human spirit. All Seats $10 / 4 for $32 / Flex